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KrasSMU is the acknowledged leader in informatization among other medical schools of Russia. At the present time, most of educational activities of the University have been informatized by means of the KrasSMU internet portal:

Several modules are created:

Online Dean’s offices. The module provides for accumulation and processing of information on academic performance of all students of the higher education establishment, online-completion of grade report sheets from teachers’ work tables, printing of all necessary documents, analytics and reports. Data on academic performance of students are presented on their personal profile pages. The module makes it possible to schedule lectures and classes online at the website of the University. A system of electronic teaching materials has been created as a part of the module.

Informatization of postgraduate education (an electronic Dean’s office for postgraduate education). A calendar of advanced training courses is maintained with simultaneous accounting of class lists. The module makes it possible to maintain documentation of postgraduate studies as well as to oversee postgraduate education plan fulfilment by departments of the University. An electronic admission system for cycle participation applications has been implemented as well as a system of feedback on the quality of organization and teaching at advanced training courses.

Distance education. It is provided by the Faculty of Pre-university Training and Continuous Professional Education. A website for distance learning has been created as well as educational programmes for different categories of prospective university students (pre-university tutorial), undergraduate students, residents and members of postgraduate training courses.

The Colibris electronic library. It is a module of the unified information system and contains over 30 thousand library cards, approximately 3 thousand full-text electronic resources, more than 100 video lectures of the University faculty staff. All digital resources are available to authorized users of the system. An important advantage of this electronic library integrated into the unified information system is the possibility to link digital resources to teaching materials and course units which makes it possible for students to quickly find literature necessary for preparation for classes.

Electronic study guides online. Development of digital online-textbooks is being carried out. They are also accessible from the website of the University.Digital training manuals have been integrated into the system.

Online training sessions were actively used during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in spring-summer 2020.

From 19th of May to 3rd of June, 2020 Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Prof. V.F.Voino-Yasenetsky held an online training session for postgraduates in submitting scientific articles to an English journal. The training was organized by the Center for International Programs and the editorial department of the journal "Medical University".

The main goal of the training was to develop writing skills and practice online submission of high-quality articles to English journals among young university scientists.

The training began on the 19th of May, 2020 with an installation webinar, within the framework of which a review of the basic rules for preparing and submitting articles to foreign journals were conducted, the main stages of submitting articles and possible difficulties of this process were presented (using the online system for submitting articles to the “Medical University” journal). In conclusion, presenters held a Q&A session for postgraduate students.

The second stage consisted of the independent work with reference materials (recommendations for article preparation, guide for authors, rules for preparing a cover letter) and registration on the website of the journal “Medical University”.

On 29th of May, 2020, as a part of the training program, postgraduates had the opportunity to attend the Zoom lecture by leading foreign scientists (Professor Anthony Turner, Professor Natalya Nalivaeva, University of Leeds, UK) on topic: "How to write a good paper and get it published", as well as ask professional and experienced editors of the magazine questions.

At the final stage of the training, its participants needed to prepare their own article (or part of it) and conduct a test submission of the article to the journal. The quality of the submitted work was evaluated by the staff of the Center for International Programs.

As a result of the training, students received recommendations on their work, and two best submissions (Vyazmin V.V. and Chekisheva T.N.) successfully passed a linguistic assessment. These works were sent for a review and further possible publication in the journal “Medical University”.

Thus, postgraduate students of KrasSMU got the opportunity to gain experience not only in the field of preparing a scientific article in English, but also in the use of typical online services for submitting articles, submitting copyright data, attaching documents, preparing a cover letter and communicating with the editors, as a part of the training.

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