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Preparatory Training

Key features Target group: non-Russian-speaking persons, primarily (but not only) those wishing to study at KrasSMU programs taught in Russian as well as in other universities of Russia.

Foreign citizens applying for the Preparatory Course are tested online to determine the level of proficiency. Groups are formed based on the level.

Two groups will be formed in academic year:

beginner group (Level 1) and intermediate group (Level 2)

The number of contact hours:

20 hours per week of Russian language classes; 17 hours per week of additional classes in English : “Intercultural communication”, “Chemistry”, “Biology” (including “Basic Anatomy”), “Physics, Mathematics”. One academic hour = 40 minutes

Admission is carried out on a contract basis with 100% prepayment after signing the contract and providing a medical insurance valid on the territory of the Russian Federation for the entire period of studying at KrasSMU.

Duration of course: 9 months

Classes are held from November 1st till June 30th of each year.

The course is intensive: students have their classes from Monday till Saturday.

Requirements Students of the Preparatory course are required to regularly attend the classes, actively participate in class and do the homework.

Assessment and academic credit At the end of the academic year students are to pass oral and written exams. After finishing their study at KrasSMU and passing the final exam, students of the Preparatory course receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please note that it is a non-grade (non-credit) course.

Accommodation All the students of the preparatory course are provided with accommodation in the student’s dormitory. Single accommodation is not possible.

Overview The course is an effective way either to learn Russian in short time or to boost your confidence in this language and develop communication skills. Students take this course with the intention to get higher medical education in Russia.

This course is especially recommended for foreigners wishing to apply for KrasSMU programs taught in Russian. Upon completing the course, intermediate group (Level 2) students who studied diligently will be able to study at KrasSMU in Russian.

Beginner group (Level 1) students or students who are unable to meet the required level of Russian proficiency will not be able to immediately enroll in standard classes at KrasSMU. In this case, we recommend that the students undertake a pre-clinical program in English with an additional course of the Russian language.

Please note that the course is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee for admission to any other KrasSMU program.

Course content

The Preparatory course covers different aspects of Russian Language: phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, along with the bases of Intercultural Communication and such essential disciplines for further study at KrasSMU as Biology (with the course of Anatomy), Chemistry, and Physics, Maths.

During the Russian Language course students read and discuss original texts, train their listening and speaking skills in the KrasSMU linguistic lab, write essays, make reports or presentations in Russian and take part in a wide variety of creative educational activities.

Our experienced teachers use modern methods and techniques and introduce both well-known teaching aids and educational materials created by the faculty.

Prior to the beginning of the course all the participants are invited to take part in integration meeting for international students. The meeting aims at familiarizing newcomers with the city of Krasnoyarsk and the University, and providing information regarding the educational process of KrasSMU, accommodation, health insurance, and other practical matters.

Additional information Students of the course are provided with basic study materials. Students organize their own meals. There are several cafés, takeaways and a canteen on campus.

All international students are provided with accommodation in the University dormitories.

There is free-of-charge internet access on campus. KrasSMU student organizations offer leisure activities such as sports competitions and cultural events. KrasSMU has several medical centers, a polyclinic, a modern simulation training center and the University Library Information Center that accounts for 495,000 books, and provides access to the electronic catalogue ‘Colibris’ with more than 99,000 entries in different languages.

More than 200 foreign students study at KrasSMU. Coordination of their learning and extra-curricular activity is performed by the Department for International Students. Issues of additional language training, translation support, and intercultural communication are dealt with by the Department of Latin and Foreign Languages jointly with the Center for International Programs.