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In 2013, at the Federal State Budget-funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University" of the Russian Health Ministry, the Department – Center for Simulation Technologies was created. From the date of its foundation, PhD, Associate Professor Elena Viktorovna Taptygina headed the Department. Since April 06, 2020, the head of the Department is PhD, Associate Professor Andrey Alexandrovich Gazenkampf.

In 2016, the voluntary public accreditation by the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED) was obtained. According to the results in all activities, the Department-Center for Simulation Technologies of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University was recognized as a center of the 3rd (highest) level. In 2020, this high rank was confirmed by the repeated successful ROSOMED accreditation.

The recent Certificate confirms that the educational, methodological and scientific activities of the center meet the standards of ROSOMED and is valid until 31.01.2023.

The goal of the Department-Center for Simulation Technologies is to improve the quality of training for students at all levels, providing them with conditions for the development and improvement of practical skills, clinical algorithms, and diagnostic manipulations using appropriate simulation and medical equipment.

Department structure:

  • 1E, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, 2nd floor - Perinatal, obstetric and gynecological center; - Center for Endoscopic Technologies; - Dentistry Center; - Multipurpose Accreditation Center.
  • 1ZH, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, ground floor - Center for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care; - Surgical center; - Emergency center.
  • 1L, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, 2nd floor - Base for the training and accreditation of pharmacists.


The Department - Сenter for Simulation Technologies has the most modern simulation equipment. According to M. D. Gorshkov's classification, medical education uses simulation equipment of seven levels of realism. In the simulation center, we use equipment of IV – VII levels: robots-simulators of the highest class, virtual patients, dummy simulators, phantoms, medical simulators with controllers, simulators with feedback, as well as interactive voting systems.

Rules for Students

Using simulators, we can repeatedly and accurately recreate various clinical scenarios and adapt the educational situation for each student. Equipment of various levels of realism allows us to form practical skills and clinical thinking of specialists which leads to an improvement in the professional training of medical workers and a reduction in the number of medical errors.


The Department-Center for Simulation Technologies trains specialists with secondary and higher medical education in 66 specialties, including therapy, rheumatology, cardiology, surgery, endoscopy, otorhinolaryngology, ultrasound diagnostics, and etc.

On the basis of the Department – Center for Simulation Technologies, teaching staff, residents, and doctors are trained. Since 2014, the intermediate certification of students after passing work practice as well as the second stage of the State Final Certification (SFC) of graduates at medical faculties has been held within the department facilities.

A General Medical Simulation Course lasting 36 hours has been included in the training program for residents of all specialties. The course includes the development of the following skills: cardiopulmonary resuscitation with defibrillation, ECG recording and decoding, emergency care, out-of-hospital delivery, and doctor-patient communication skills.

Further professional education

In April 2017, at the Department – Center for Simulation Technologies, we opened a training perinatal center for training obstetricians-gynecologists, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, neonatologists, and secondary medical personnel. Training cycles lasting from 18 to 36 hours are conducted using simulation technologies.

The work of the Department-Center for Simulation Technologies includes the development of methods for conducting team training. Team training in medical and nursing teams using simulation technologies is a technological educational model for the development of complex practical skills and the acquisition of solid theoretical knowledge based on applied clinical aspects.

Team training is conducted on the basis of theoretical training followed by practical skills development in specially equipped classes of the Department-Center for Simulation Technologies (treatment room, hospital room, operating room, intensive care unit, delivery room).

Competition "Innovations in Simulation Training"

In April 2015, the staff of the Department- Center for Simulation technologies organized a competition for the best invention for training using simulation technologies "Innovations in simulation training". The purpose of the competition was to support initiatives and encourage students to develop and use simulation technologies in the educational process at a medical University.

In 2015 "Simulator for spinal punctures" presented by the KrasSMU team (Taptygina E. V., Akhmedova E. I., Myagkova E. G., Bolshakov I. N.) was ranked the first at the all-Russian ROSOMED competition "Domestic innovations in simulation training" in Moscow.

Practical Skills Contest "Emergency Care"

Since 2015, the staff of the Department- Center for Simulation have established and annually hold a competition of practical skills "Emergency Care" to provide emergency medical care by 4-6 year students of medical specialties.

The main goal of the competition is to increase the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in providing emergency first-aid and emergency medical care outside a medical organization. During the competition, real clinical situations are simulated and the level of students' readiness for professional activity is determined. Since 2017, the competition received the status of the All-Russian one. Every year the number of participants from Russian universities is increasing. In 2020, 13 teams took part in the competition.

Career guidance

Another important work of the Department – Сenter for Simulation Technologies is career guidance work with schoolchildren.

Since 2015, the Department staff has been actively conducting excursions for schoolchildren, introducing them to the peculiarities of practical training of students at medical schools. Since 2018, our employees, with the support of a grant from the Krasnoyarsk Regional Science Fund, have been conducting a thematic immersion "Novice Surgeon," in which schoolchildren are introduced to the history of medicine and surgery. In 2019, we created the "Novice Traumatologist" immersion. Such thematic immersions increase students ' interest in the medical profession.

Department – Center for Simulation Technologies


1e, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, Department-Centre for Simulation Technology, 660022 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Phone: 8(391)212-53-13


Head of department

PhD, Associate Professor Andrey Alexandrovich Gazenkampf

Phone: 8-913-839-24-23