Institute of postdiploma education
Curator:Soloveva Irina Anatolevna - Проректор по учебной работе
Location: Russia, Красноярский край, Krasnoyarsk, 660022 ул. Партизана Железняка, 1  Map
Phone:+7 (391) 228 09 11
The Institute of Postgraduate Education (IPE) was established by decision of the Academic Council of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in June 2005 after the reorganization of the Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies. The Faculty had been operating since 1961. At the time of its foundation, the faculty had 5 departments: surgery, therapy, radiology, anesthesiology and intensive care, clinical and laboratory diagnostics. There were 8 courses at the student departments: ENT, total annual volume of procurement, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry and narcology, skin and venereal diseases, traumatology, and nervous diseases.
To date, IPE has 12 independent departments: obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and intensive care, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, functional and clinical laboratory diagnostics, radiation diagnostics, medical genetics and clinical neurophysiology, pediatrics, therapy, management and economics of healthcare, urology, andrology and sexology, operative gynecology, and a center for simulation technology. In addition, 22 departments and the Pharmaceutical College offer postgraduate courses. In general, the IPE trains students of the postgraduate education system in 45 medical specialties and 20 programs for secondary medical workers.
The Institute also includes: Department of Residency and Professional Career Development, and Department of Additional Professional Education (APE).
Much attention is paid to promoting the employment of young professionals. To do this, a vocational guidance service has been created at KrasSMU. The service solves problems of student temporary employment and helps them to choose the sphere of future professional activity. The service informs applicants, students, and university graduates about the labor market and educational services that help in finding employment. An electronic bank of vacancies, job placement, and employment for university graduates has been created and is being maintained. We provide professional support for students in the target contract training program. Especially popular are the "Job Fair" events, which are held jointly with the Health Ministry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions.
In addition to the traditional routine work for a huge number of listeners (more than 6000 per year!), employees of the Department of Professional Education provide interaction with the Portal of Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education, the coordinating Council for the development of CME, and regulatory authorities. In addition, there is ongoing work to improve the methodological support of APE, the introduction of distance technologies and e-learning, the organization and conduct of relevant simulation workshops. All this allows practitioners of health care to continuously improve in their profession.