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Students Scientific Society

Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) exists in KrasSMU since its foundation. The first students’ conference was held in 1942. In September 2014, in order to improve the work with young scientists and students, there was reorganization of Students’ Scientific Society of KrasSMU, as a result of which a new structural unit, Science and Education Center “Youth Science”, was created.

More than two thousand students take part annually in final students’ conferences. There are meetings of various sections in different fields of medical science. Approximately 20 reports are heard at each section presenting the results of researches carried out by students during the year.

Since 2015, students’ projects selection for final conference includes three stages. The first stage is making a report at the Department section of SSS; during the second stage the authors of the best reports at the Department section are offered to participate in final conference at interdisciplinary sections (there are totally 30 sections); according to the results of final conference, the authors of the reports which deserve 1-3 places, are recommended to take part at personal competitions held in Krasnodar State Medical University. Various contests in the framework of Youth Science Festival are annually held, they are: contest of schoolchildren scientific work, contest of complicated clinical cases, contest of practical skills “Ambulance” and “Innovations in simulation training”, as well as team contest “Case study”, “Science slam” contest, IT-contest. The form of events is constantly expanding and improving. The projects, presented at Youth Science Festival, are selected for further participation in the contest held by Innovation Promotion Fund “U.M.N.I.K.”; regional branch of Federation of Youth Scientific Societies has been created at the university. By the end of the festival, articles by students of KrasSMU and other medical universities of the country and neighboring countries are selected for publication in conference collection, being preliminary reviewed. Special pride of our University is name thematic contests. There are 9 of them: after Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky (contest of best surgical works), after Prof. A. N. Orlov (contest of students’ works in the field of Arts), after Prof. P. G. Podzolkov (contest of students’ morphological works), after Prof. V. A. Opaleva-Stegantseva (contest of best students’ therapeutic works), “Young Healthcare Organizer” contest after Prof. V.K. Sologub, “The Best Young Scientist of KrasSMU” after A. I. Inzhutova, “The best scientific idea in the field of neuroscience” after Prof. V. A. Rudnev, contest of the best student drugs after Prof. M. G. Prives; and the most prestigious contest is the contest of the best students’ work of the year after Prof. I.I. Gitelzon. Laureates of name contests are awarded with commemorative medals and according to the Regulations, have advantages when entering residency.

SEC “Youth Science” annually organizes “Medicine” track along with exhibition of scientific platform in the framework of All-Russian festival “Science 0+” held in Siberia International Exhibition Business Center. There was a platform “Night in the Laboratory” in SFU with exposition organized by KrasSMU SEC “Youth Science”, furthermore medical students participated in “Battle of the Wits: Quiz”.

The best students and post-graduate students of the university receive scholarships of Academic Council of KrasSMU, regional name scholarships after Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky, government scholarships and scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation.

City and regional government strongly support university science. Annually, the best students and young scientists of KrasSMU are awarded with prizes of Governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory, the head of Krasnoyarsk city, the head of Sovetsky District Administration of Krasnoyarsk. The number and geography of scientific forums organized by scientists are increasing from year to year. Scientific and practical conferences are constantly held on topical issues in various fields of medicine; in their framework contests of young scientists are traditionally held with the assistance of SEC “Youth Science”.

Students and young scientists of KrasSMU actively participate in “Relay-race of university science”; in 2016 the university was regional coordinator of “Relay-race of university science - 2016”, the unique feature of which was the fact that it was carried out on a new technical platform; the projects were strictly selected at in-university, regional and federal stages. There were weekly online meetings and coordination of expert team work during six months. Independent qualified experts evaluated the projects. The leaders were young scientists from KrasSMU in Neurology and Cardiology platforms.

Thus, localizing and combining all the resources, SEC “Youth Science” comprehensively promotes the involvement of talented students from the first courses to scientific activities of real creative research teams of leading scientific schools of the university; the Center also supports the activities of SSS and promotes formation of all necessary competencies of young scientists, thereby creating golden University staff bank.