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“MEDIC” sports club

Our university has been organizing sports events since 1948.

A structural division of the University called the sports club "Medic" is in charge of this work.

Every year 21 sports sections invite employees and students to do sport under the guidance of highly qualified coaches. These club sections are basketball (men), basketball (women), volleyball (men), volleyball (women), athletics, cross-country skiing, swimming, table tennis, football (men), football (women), chess, sports tourism, orienteering, weight lifting, bench press, wrestling, speed skating, Fudokan karate, cheerleading. All sections are opened due to wishes of students and University staff. Students of all specialties from the first to sixth years can enroll in some section. Lessons are held in the gym of the main building, the Medic stadium, the ski base, the Lokomotiv stade ice rink, the Medusa pool, and the athletics arena. All dormitories have gyms. Every year, the Medic sports club holds dozens of health and fitness events; more than 3,500 students take part in different competitions. In order to stimulate the involvement in regular physical training, the University organizes intra-University sports competitions between academic groups, courses, faculties and structural divisions, which promote a healthy lifestyle among students and University staff. During the academic year, sports club "Medic" together with the Department of physical culture, the trade union organization of the University hold 5 specialized sports competitions: between first-year students; between faculties; between dormitories; between the teaching staff; between schoolchildren studying in the small medical Academy. In February 2017 and March 2018, KrasSMU was the host of zonal competitions of the sports festival among students of medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia. This festival was named "Sport is the second profession of a doctor". Every day, industrial gymnastics is held in the lobby of the second floor of the main administrative building. Employees of the University defend the honor of the University in competitions of various levels: - sports contest of the Ministry of health of the Krasnoyarsk territory; -sports festival of the Soviet district of the city of Krasnoyarsk; - mini-football tournament dedicated to the memory of Professor V. F. Voino-Yasenetsky. Students were winners and prize-winners of regional, regional and all-Russian competitions. Sport teams of the University regularly prepare for the main competitions, which are sports festival among students of medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia, and the regional Universiade among universities in Krasnoyarsk. In 2018, the national team of KrasSMU won the 3rd degree of the sports festival among students of medical and pharmaceutical universities of Russia "Physical culture and sport is the second profession of a doctor". Every year, the number of students involved in sports is increasing, also new sports sections become popular and additional sections are opened.