Авторизация - ВХОД
Extracurricular Activities

Creative groups

The Department for Extracurricular Activities was established in 2006. The main task is to create a socio-cultural environment for creative self-expression and self-realization of students for cultural, moral and physical development. Creative teams are successfully developing due to the guidance of specialists with higher professional education and extensive work experience.

Musical sphere:

- Variety Vocals Studio and Vocal Collective "Darling", leader Alla Sandul;

- Instrumental Studio "MED +", director Yulia Vasilievna Baranova;

- Folk Song Ensemble "Zdravitsa", leader Natalya Anatolyevna Bocharova.

Dance sphere:

- Dance Group "Urfin Jazz", leader Anastasia Olegovna Syutkina;

-Ballroom and Sport Dancing Studio "Danceline", director Veronika Konstantinovna Nikitenko

- Folk Dance Ensemble "Krasny Yar", director Anastasia Olegovna Syutkina

- Caucasian Dance Ensemble "Lezghinka Youth", director Eldar Nizamovich Alirzaev.

Theatrical sphere:

- Student Theater "Vanguard", leader Victoria Nikolaeva.

Student humor club (KVN)

- Club of Humor movement of KrasSMU, head Anna Andreevna Astrakhanskaya

Creative groups of the University take part in competitions and festivals of various levels. In recent years the awards have marked a high artistic level of vocal-instrumental ensemble "Darling"- winners of the Grand Prix and 1st place at the regional stage of the "Russian Student Spring" art festival. Elizaveta Sadontseva, soloist of the ensemble, is a 3rd-degree winner at the all - Russian stage of the "Russian Student Spring - 2018"art festival.

In recent years, absolutely all creative teams have become laureates at the regional stage of the "Russian Student Spring" art festival.

One of the priority events is the All-Russian Festival of Arts for medical students and medical practitioners with international participation. In 2017, the KrasSMU team won the Сhallenge Сup of the Council of Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities Rectors.

Club of Humor teams of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University take an active part in the leagues of the city and territory. "Diagnosis" Team became the winner of the 3rd degree in the 14th season of the open student "Start" KVN League, participants in the central league of the "Asia" KVN international union, and the KVN regional official league called "On the Yenisei river".

The department for extracurricular activities holds intra-university cultural and mass events: "We are freshmen at the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University" show competition, the Friendship Festival of the Peoples of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, dedicated to the Day of National Unity, "My Faculty, My University" competition, Knowledge Day, New Year's Eve concert, the reporting concert of creative groups, "New Faces" contest of bard song and the elocutionist, photo contests, and etc.